Feedback from AgencyCollective® Members

From AgencyCollective® Members

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“Not going to lie… I work with a BUNCH of offers, help coach their sales, manage their teams, etc… and there is not a single CEO/offer that I work with that cares more than Blake Snodgrass.”

Jesse G.

Agency Owner

“It’s a tight knit community with a kick ass mentor, Blake, who has brought so much value over and over. Working with AgencyCollective has been one of the overall best decisions we have made for our business and I cannot say enough good things about Blake”

Linda G.

Agency Owner

“If you are on the fence of investing in this group, I would say 100% take the plunge. It’s beyond worth it and will be life changing.”

Andrew B.

Agency Owner

“This program is unique in my eyes because there is a lot of really cool high level agency owners and business owners in the group, so the community is awesome. I doubled in revenue since working with Blake. ”

Derek S.

Agency Owner

“Everything you can think of in digital marketing is covered in this course and the support is unparalleled. The group is awesome. You have great support and get great peer feedback. Any question you have, somebody has already dealt with it, so you have great resources there.”

Jon E.

Agency Owner

“Blake’s skill and training and his ability to piece everything together to help agency owners like me has been invaluable. Being in AgencyCollective for 2 or 3 months, the amount of revenue we’ve gained, is greater than what we had done for the prior 6-7 years”

Josh S.

Agency Owner

“This group has been a Godsend for us, if you don’t know Blake he is one of the sharpest guys that I’ve met in my marketing career. This really helped us get our sales methodology down in a way that right out of the gate, we were able to secure a substantial client, an almost 5 figure a month client. If you are somebody who needs some guidance in your agency journey, I cannot recommend the platform enough”

Kevin O.

Agency Owner

“I’ve been a part of a lot of masterminds, I’ve purchased a lot of courses, I’ve paid for a lot of coaches. Some of them have been good, some of them have been bad, but this one is phenomenal. It is a great great group, a great community, and for the price point, it’s ridiculous. The value that Blake is continuing to put in here is crazy!”

Lewis V.

Agency Owner

“When I signed up I was at about 5 or 6 thousand in recurring revenue and now we’re at 30+. I can honestly say that is all due to Blake, his coaching, his mentorship and all of the amazing coaches he’s brought into this mentorship. I can’t speak highly enough about AC and what it’s done for me and my agency. If you’re on the fence, don’t be.”

Raffi O.

Agency Owner